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The social media marketers of DigiTaikun have a proper understanding of the importance of WhatsApp marketing service for any business. This is why our skilled and experienced social media strategists promise to give you the best WhatsApp Marketing service.

Why WhatsApp Marketing Service Is Important?

In recent times, WhatsApp has become the fastest growing marketing strategies, followed by expert digital marketers from all the parts of the world. The main advantage of the WhatsApp platform is that there are billions of active users. And, each of these users does have a personal WhatsApp account.

If you can use all the functions of WhatsApp, then it is possible to attract more customers for your business. And this is a great way to help boost your sales, which will ultimately lead to an increase in your revenue.

Here, we have listed some of the major advantages of WhatsApp Marketing –

WhatsApp platform supports text messages along with other multi-media formats like images, videos, Vcards, audios, and locations. This is a great way for marketers to promote their products and services.

The entire procedure of WhatsApp marketing is very effective if you look at the overall outcome

The blue tick feature of the WhatsApp platform works great for tracking the sent messages.

In addition to the advantages we have mentioned above, there are also numerous numbers of other features as well that you can enjoy through WhatsApp marketing. But, the truth is that you need to hire the best digital marketing company in order to get the best WhatsApp marketing service for your business.

WhatsApp Marketing Service We Provide at DigiTaikun

At DigiTaikun, we give a higher level of focus on every social media marketing project we get. In order to provide you with the best WhatsApp marketing service, our experienced social media experts create a custom action plan for your business. We can guarantee that our expert marketers can provide you with the top-notch WhatsApp marketing services that will drive more customers to your business.

Our WhatsApp Marketing Services include –

Analyzing Your Business

First of all, we make an in-depth analysis of your business by setting up a meeting with the marketing professionals of your company. Having a detailed consultation with the marketing team helps us get a comprehensive idea of your business operations. Besides, this procedure also helps us to get a precise idea about your target market.

Defining Target Customers

Based on the consultation with the marketing team, we follow our own marketing strategies to find out the target customers of your business. We also categorize the target market based on some critical factors.

Creating Campaign

We create a custom campaign depending on the type of your business and target.

Importing Unlimited Contacts

We use paid tools for importing unlimited contacts so that we can reach out to more potential and actual customers.

Creating Draft Messages

We create message templates and save draft messages so that we can make necessary changes before sending the messages to your customers.

Submitting Reports

We give you updates by emailing you excel files of the progress reports achieved by our custom WhatsApp marketing services.

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