What Is Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing? And Why Is It Important?

Digital Marketing is one of the most crucial and generic forms of marketing that any business owner who has access to the internet would opt for. The term “Digital Marketing” itself is self-explanatory because to what it sums up to is marketing through a digital platform.

Digital Marketing may sound like a very thing to do but people who are familiar with it knows how complicated this sector is. There’s a rally of questions, myths and thousands of information about digital marketing that are yet to confirm. Also on the other hand, Digital Marketing has a lot of different types. So on today’s topic, we’re going to be debunking all of it. Stay tuned till the end.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a form of marketing strategy with the help of online or digital platforms. The other way around it is also known as online marketing.

But hey, Why does a business need digital marketing? According to a survey from 2018, almost 50.8% of the world’s population has access to the internet.

Which is approximately 4.39 billion of people use the internet daily for about almost all the time.

Therefore, online marketing has become a very common way to promote different brands and businesses. The main purpose of digital marketing is to connect with the potential buyers and customers using the internet and other types of online and digital platforms.

This can include emails, social media, videos, advertisements on web pages and other graphical videos and images to help a business grow by promoting it.

Types of Digital Marketing

Types of Digital Marketing

When you ask the question “What is Digital Marketing?” a lot of people get mixed answers and hence get confused in between the blurred lines between the types of different Digital Marketing. Don’t worry we’re here to debunk the myths and get you the right info.

So Digital Marketing does have a bunch of types. However, today we’re going to be discussing some generic yet important types of digital marketing. Here are the following types:

Search Engine Optimization: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process to rank your website on the first page of google.

This is counted as one of the most effective and common ways of digital marketing for businesses. This is because it involves a lot of other sectors of digital marketing. Such as backlinks, blogs, ranking o google etc.

Content Marketing: Content Marketing is one of the most important aspect of Digital Marketing. This is because without, contents you won’t be able to apply any sort of digital marketing plans.

Contents can be of many types such as pictures, moving images, videos and blogs related to your business which can be published on your website or your social media.

Social Media Marketing: This is the modern era. The era where we can’t keep out for even a minute without our phones. But what do we do so specifically with our phones? We usually scroll through the newsfeed of our favorite social media app.

This is a very clever way to feed the brains of the consumers with your business ads and help the targeted audience reach out to you. Social media marketing involves posting things related to your business on social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest etc. You can boost your sales through these.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Why is Digital Marketing important? The answer to this question lies in another question. How many hours do we spend in front of our devices?

This is because in the modern era, we are no longer willing to give a read at the newspaper advertisement like we used to back in the days where social media and the internet wasn’t a thing.

This is the era where we are mostly depended on our phones and devices. When we go to work it involves the use of a digitalized device. Whether its our phones, laptops or computers, we have to admit that we are depended on it.

You reach the targeted audiences: When you use Digital Marketing, you can sit back and relax over the fact that you’re not bugging anyone with unwanted fliers, brochures or business cards, rather through the use of important keywords and hashtags you are reaching your esteemed buyer general.

Your business competitors are already on it: Whether you agree or not, having a competitor analysis is very important. As much as the quality of your services and quality matters, you need to keep an eye on the types of marketing strategies they are opting for. And chances are, they are using digital marketing. So should you.

You can track your strategies and campaigns: One of the benefits of Digital Marketing is that you can always track your campaigns or the ads you are running on it. This is a good way to track your marketing system and you can troubleshoot your business marketing and fix things right away.


The Digital Marketing world is vast and has a lot o opportunities for new businesses. This is why hiring a Digital Marketing service is very important.

It’s almost as a do or die thing at this point because many businesses are very depended on it. Especially, biggies in your industry are only gaining profits through digital marketing.

So to answer the question why does a business need Digital Marketing? BECAUSE almost 99.9% of businesses are depended on Digital Marketing.

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