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Are you looking for the best Google Ads marketing service? At DigiTaikun, we offer the ads placement (search engine marketing service) that can convert into actual sales.

Why Google Ads or
Search Engine Marketing Is Important?

In this modern era of the internet, people tend to become more dependent on search engines while looking for both products and services. So, it is essential to hold the top places of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), if you want more customers for your business.

And this is where Google Ads comes into action. Actually, Google Ads, also known as Google AdWords, is the advertising platform of Google, where advertisers can bid targeting specific keywords so that the clickable ads of the advertising companies business sites can appear in the search results when an internet user makes a search typing any of those targeted keywords.

A properly researched and customized Google Ads campaign can help drive a huge number of traffic to your website. And, yes, this can lead to an increase in your profit margin as well.

Google Ads Marketing Services We Provide at DigiTaikun

The highly experienced search engine marketers of DigiTaikun always consider client satisfaction as the top priority. This is why our expert SEM professionals always give the BEST SEM services so that it can bring benefits to your business.

Our Google Ads Marketing Services include –

Keyword Research for Google Ads Campaign

For Google Ads or Search Engine Marketing, keywords are considered as the foundation or base. This is because the searchers or internet users enter keywords in the ‘search box’ of the search engine whenever they want to look for anything on the internet. Our expert and experienced SEM professionals conduct in-depth keyword research while maintaining a proper keyword management strategy. For this purpose, we, first of all, collect all the details of your business so that we can identify your target market. Then, we create an SEM Action Plan where we focus on the factors that are relevant to both your business and target market. According to the custom action plan, our professional SEM specialists perform keyword research to make a list of the most profitable keywords that can be further used for the Google Ads campaign.

Creating A Customized Account Structure

For getting a higher Click-Through-Rate, our expert search engine marketers prepare a ‘Logical Keyword Grouping’. Then, we create an Account Structure based on the ‘Logical Keyword Grouping’. We do this to make sure that we can prepare a keyword list with a lower Cost-Per-Click rate. And, this ultimately saves your hard-earned money at the end of the day.

Keeping Reasonable Quality Score

While performing the Google Ads Campaign, we also make sure to maintain the Quality Score. This is because we don’t want to make any compromise with the quality keywords as we know how important it is to choose the right keywords for a search engine marketing campaign. In this way, we make sure a higher click-through-rate at a lower cost-per-click rate.

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