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Best Email Marketing
Service Provider In Bangladesh

At DigiTaikun, we have a team of experienced and skilled email marketers who have years of experience in the field of email marketing. With detailed research and thorough analysis, we can assure you to give the best email marketing service in Bangladesh.

Why Email Marketing Service Is Important?

Email marketing has always been considered as the best digital marketing strategy for any business. If you haven’t yet tried email marketing, then it is high time you should start this one as soon as you can.

A structured and properly planned email marketing campaign can bring many benefits for your business.

Here, we have mentioned only the major benefits of email marketing technique –

Email marketing can help you in getting more customers for your business if you can implement a properly planned and successful email marketing campaign.

One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that you can build a strong relationship with your existing and future customers.

For a new and existing business, email marketing can play a significant role in establishing the brand.

But, to get all the benefits of email marketing, you have to take the best email marketing service from the best digital marketing company.

Email Marketing Service We Provide at DigiTaikun

At DigiTaikun, we carefully plan an email marketing campaign for each of our honorable clients. With a team of highly professional email marketers, we promise to offer the best email marketing service in Bangladesh.

Our Email Marketing Services include –


At first, we make a thorough analysis of your business operations, including your products and services. We also make a comprehensive analysis of your target market. And, then categorize the target market based on some crucial factors. Categorizing the target market helps in formulating the right strategy for the right niche. This is where our email marketers show their real talents.


Based on the analysis we have already performed, we create a custom strategy for the email marketing campaign for your project. Depending on the type of your business, our custom action plan or email marketing strategies may vary. Our custom action plan for any email marketing plan is unique. And, we can guarantee that our email marketing plan can drive more customers for your business.


When we are our done with formulating the appropriate strategy for your email marketing campaign, our expert email marketers create unique and customer-focused email templates using their creative mind. This is the toughest among all the steps of a successful email marketing plan.

Customer Engagement

We try to create as much engagement as possible with your existing customers through our email marketing plans. And, for the potential customers, we create a completely different email template so that we can convert them into your actual loyal customers.

Report Submission

We always try to keep everything transparent with our clients for each of our email marketing projects. For this purpose, we keep records of all of our works for each email marketing assignment. And, we send updates to our clients by emailing progress reports of our email marketing campaign.

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